"We think you are fabulous! Thank you so much for creating such a great product and if you are ever in Montana, you will always have a place to stay." Reedfly Farm
These bags have been an absolute god send... I work with builders day in day out... So when it comes to changing tampons it can be SO awkward disposing of them! Especially when you come out the loo frantically searching for a bin and they ask you! Thank you so much for this genius idea. Decorator
They are actually fab! It's good to never be caught short - thanks Ama Agbeze (Team England Netball)
Thank you for your great idea. I'm a lady in my 50's and I use your little bags for my oops moments sanitary ware. I love the way that you send them out to me every month so it's one less thing I need to think about. TS
I couldn't help but listen in to your conversation on my train journey yesterday morning.  On returning home I have told my wife and daughters about your product, and all of them thought it was such a brilliant idea, and they will be purchasing these handy bags in the future. Matthew G
Just received my FabLittleBags and yes! They are fab! Really well made, easy to use one handed, discreet as you can't see contents, seal so can't be opened...i just love them and they are soooo much better then the nappy sack style ones. Would I recommend? In a heartbeat. Just about to order more with the dispenser to go with it. Well done for making me feel more confident! Mel Gillet
Do you ever come across a product and wonder where it's been all your life? Life, Love & Dirty Dishes
 I'm loving the FabLittleBags and currently trying to convert my sister. So convenient especially in a public place and hygienic.  Great for the handbag and I like how they don't rattle so much! Karen S
Brilliantly disruptive The Guardian
Was out walking in Wales yesterday and it was great not having to stress about the logistics of (used) tampon transport when in the mountains for 7 hours :-) Amy
Before I discovered FabLittleBags, I (for shame) wasn't particularly aware of the problems caused by flushing tampons. I've only used them for a month but I now wouldn't be without these. At home they're a godsend; I have young children who delight in causing havoc, so a secure and hygienic option for my bathroom bin means I don't have to be worried about the consequences of them tipping the contents out when I have my back turned or my hands full. Out and about, and at other people's houses, the convenience and peace of mind is brilliant. Kimberley Bartrum
The best thing to be invented since the tampon! FB
I think what you've invented is the greatest thing ever! Very useful and very eco friendly. Helena Abad Escámez
Thank goodness for this product. I have never been a flusher so have spent years smuggling out used tampax in loo roll in my handbag. Not nice! At home I have used nappy sacks so I welcome a product fit for purpose. Madeleine Clarke
I find the product very useful and discreet, the bags are thick and opaque and very convenient. I would certainly recommend them. Alex C
I love your FabLittleBags, they have saved my life!! I've not only used them in dire situations when I was somewhere that a bin was not accessible but also when visiting family and friends. I will continue to use them forever Mia Foreman
Bathroom Packs arrived yesterday. Excellent service and products. SG
They are an amazing product and I recommend them to all my mummy friends. Catherine Thompson
Brilliant !!!!!!!!!!!!! Best girl stuff invention ever, carry on the good work guys! Holly Purcell
Finally! Such an easy solution to an awkward situation at a time when extra stress is the LAST thing you want. Anna Sutherland

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