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Hi, I’m Martha and to say I am excited to say “hello” is an under-statement! Some people have great ideas in the bath or in the shower, well I had mine sitting on the toilet! Getting here has been an exciting and somewhat bumpy journey, and I hope that you will join me on the next part of this adventure.

I’m 45 years old, a married mum of two and I live in North London. Since uni I have worked non-stop in ‘proper’ jobs in London’s financial services sector, that is until I recently took the big step of giving all that up in order to focus on making FabLittleBagTM a reality.

I am a big football fan and although I favour healthy living, I must admit I do prefer a glass of wine with friends to evenings at the gym. I am a great believer in having an ‘attitude of gratitude’, although some days I do have to remind myself of this!

I am not here to dictate to you how you should dispose of your sanitary products, but I do feel passionately that we should have options that are not fraught with stress, anxiety and lots of preparation. We deserve a hygienic, easy and discreet way to deal with disposal.

I hope that you feel more empowered in the disposal process by using FablittleBagTM and that you can feel confident and positive about this somewhat taboo subject.


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